Thin Brick

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Thin Brick for Chagrin Falls, OH

Brick is a beautiful building material, but like all building materials, it has its downsides. Specifically, brick is heavy. If you plan to use brick as a primary building material or for a façade, you often need to reinforce the foundation or add extra concrete footings. It can also be tough to use brick in remodels, such as adding an accent wall or creating a fireplace surround, for that very reason.
Enter thin brick. Thin brick has the same look and feel as normal brick, but it’s much thinner – which means it’s much lighter. 
These bricks can be applied to almost any interior or exterior wall without having to add extra concrete footings or reinforce the foundation. If you want to add an exposed-brick look to a restaurant or dress up the exterior of a home, thin brick can be the perfect way to do it while keeping costs reasonable.
At Kelly Supply Co, we have a wide range of beautiful thin brick choices from today’s leading manufacturers. We can show you your many color and texture options at our beautiful new showroom. Our expert staff can also help you determine whether thin brick is the best option for your application and help you find the products that will work for you. Pay us a visit today to learn more!
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